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High Altitude Physics
UHMC students journey to Nepal

There are few places on the planet where students can study high altitude physics with hands-on application. Such study is critical not only to scientists and engineers, but also for its applications in medicine, sports, and professional outdoor adventures. But it cannot only be theoretical when lives are at stake. As UHMC Dr. Buddhi Rai says, “Doing science is a complex activity. Therefore, students need at least some practical engagement with its concepts and methods to understand the subject matter.” Imagine studying thermodynamics, atmospheric science, sound, and human physiological variables as a function of altitude using hands-on field experiments.

UHMC is offering students this very rare opportunity to study in Nepal with its own physics faculty who is a native of Nepal. Students will learn through the hands-on field approach at around 100 ft, 10,000 ft, 15,000 ft, and 20,000 ft altitudes. The excitement of getting to high-altitude study sites, the challenge of practicing authentic science utilizing locally available resources, and the use of technology such as 100 ft long temperature probes and HD cameras naturally engage students in a deep understanding of science and scientific inquiry. Each field experiment will be genuinely rooted in real-world problem-solving, with data compared and contrasted to the identical experiments in Hawaii at sea level.

Ultimately, the program will allow students to experience life events and unique opportunities such as engaging in unusual environments, meeting indigenous people at high altitude locations, staying with Sherpa’s families, and connecting multi-perspective STEM ideas with those in Hawaii at sea level.

It will cost each student $3000 to participate in this formative but rare opportunity. 

Please help us send our Maui science students to Nepal for an experience sure to be a highlight of their lifetimes!

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