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Hawai'i CC Kāko‘o Emergency Student Aid Fund
Support Students When They Need Us Most

Please make a gift in support of the Kāko‘o Emergency Student Aid Fund. 

Kāko‘o means to support, uphold, assist and aid, and that’s what the Kāko‘o Emergency Student Aid Fund at Hawai‘i Community College does. 

We created this fund in 2018 because students were encountering unpredicted expenses that threatened their ability to stay enrolled, succeed and graduate. The Kāko‘o Emergency Student Aid Fund is used for, but not limited to, one-time unpredicted expenses that relate to the financial circumstance that impact a student's ability to stay enrolled in college, including expenses related to medical, living (housing, utilities), transportation, childcare, textbooks, program supplies (uniforms, tools), food, travel home for family emergency, financial loss due to accident, natural disaster, and more. 

As you might expect, the Kāko‘o Fund has been in high demand during the COVID-19 pandemic and is now almost entirely depleted. That's why we're humbly asking for your support to build it back up, so when our students face an emergency, we can help them get over that hurdle and they can keep pursuing their dreams.

“The award gave me peace of mind and allowed me to buy quality tools for school. I am currently in the Machine, Welding, and Industrial Mechanics program (MWIM) and this award was a godsend during these difficult times.”

– Joshua Carvalho, Hawai‘i Community College Student and emergency aid recipient.

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